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Chinese language courses abroad


Interest in learning Chinese is growing rapidly around the world. Chinese is the native language for 800 million people on Earth. English and Chinese are two languages that are constantly spoken by over one billion people. Learning Chinese, like any other foreign language, can be called a difficult task. The constant practice is very important here. It is advisable to devote a large amount of time to the language practice, but it will still be better to study the language every day and being in a society that speaks this language. Being in a language environment and attending classes with native speakers is what a student taking Chinese courses needs.

Why is learning Chinese in China the best decision?

A trip to learning Chinese in China is an ideal opportunity to learn more about China, its inhabitants and culture. You will discover the world-famous metropolitan areas, such as Shanghai and Beijing, and stroll along the Great Wall of China, which is one of the seven wonders of the world today.

Plunging into the daily lifestyle of the people of China, you have an opportunity to learn the language more thoroughly or improve already acquired language skills. You will understand that language courses when you are being in the country itself bring much greater effect than the language courses in your country. Thanks to the daily usage of Chinese and  continuous exchange with the natives your language skills will be improved rapidly. No matter whether you are looking for a Chinese course language for beginners or continuing, language schools in China will offer you the perfect Chinese language course.


You can learn Chinese in China at any age. Training usually held in groups of 4 to 10 people or individually. Language courses in China are characterized by first-class teaching and leisure. Thanks to the innovative education system of various schools in China (LTL Mandarin School, Mandarin House Hong Kong, Mandarin House Beijing, etc.), each course, whether it is annual or semester, in groups or an individual course, intensive or semi-intensive , can be adapted to the individual characteristics of every student and your further educational goals.

Highly qualified Chinese teachers will provide you the support that you exactly need to achieve your goals. For example, if you want to learn Chinese hieroglyphics and learn writing, calligraphy, correct pronunciation and reading Chinese characters, then you can choose the course of hieroglyphics. If you want to prepare for the international HSK exam, then you can attend the preparation course for the international HSK exam, which is a unified form of certification of foreign students. It doesn’t matter, which language course you choose, because during the language trip to China training will not be limited to the building itself and by the audience. In your free time, you can apply the knowledge gained in the classroom directly to the practice and get an idea of the correct pronunciation of Chinese.

As already mentioned, in China there are many different dialects that may vary greatly from each other. In general, they talk about the seven main dialects which, in turn, are divided into countless other regional options. However, at language schools in China, you will learn about Mandarin that is Chinese, which is spoken by more than 70% of Chinese.

Mandarin is the official language of the PRC. If you speak Mandarin Chinese, all Chinese will understand you. Especially for beginners it will be useful to learn the standard language first, as it is easier to learn and this will allow you to communicate with almost all Chinese.

In addition to “high” Chinese in language schools, you will learn written Chinese, which does not depend on the dialect and is understood by all Chinese. Yes, every character is pronounced differently depending on the dialect, but the spelling is the same, so with writing communication there’re no problems at all.

But language courses are offered not only in China. You can also get trained in the USA, in Florida, at the school Inlingua Boca Raton, Inlingua Aventura, which is located in the small town of Aventura and at the school Inlingua Fort Lauderdale. Language schools offer individual lessons in Chinese.


Language schools offer different types of accommodation: in a guest family or apartment.

Living in a guest family gives you the opportunity to learn more about another culture and thus promotes intercultural mutual understanding. You will learn to overcome national and cultural barriers. In real communication with residents of another nationality, you will open for you and know more not only about the culture of the language being studied, but also about your culture.

For more independent students, who want to have more personal space, language schools offer accommodation in apartments.

Cost may vary by season, location and amenities.


It is necessary to issue a visa for entry. Its type depends on the purpose of the trip and planned stay in China. Students of short term programmes that do not exceed 30, 60, or 90 days can apply for a visa of the category "F". Students, who plan to stay in China for up to 6 months, should get a visa of the type "X2", which allows you to stay in the country for 180 days.

We are pleased to help you collect the necessary documents and fill out a form for a visa to China.

We provide full support to our attendants also with selection of programmes of study and accommodation. Our consultants are always ready to explain all unclear points.

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